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Trump campaign sues key Iowa counties over absentee mailings – President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has sued two Democratic-leaning Iowa counties that are making it easy to vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic, seeking.

Donald Trump’s unfounded attacks on mail balloting are discouraging his own supporters from embracing the practice, according.

A federal judge in Iowa has dismissed a lawsuit California Rep. Devin Nunes filed against a major media organization that.

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"After the election, we’re going to take a look at operations and see what we need and don’t need," said a spokesperson for.

Last month, dozens of current and former Iowa football players spoke up about culture problems in the program, primarily.

Be sure to use the privacy envelope, sign the back of the mailing envelope and return it promptly to be sure our vote is.

A state agency says it is working to fix a data error on Iowa’s coronavirus website that artificially lowers the number of new confirmed cases.

This is 737 more recoveries than what the state reported Tuesday. Eight additional deaths were reported within this time.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported 508 new coronavirus cases and eight deaths between 10:30 a.m. Tuesday and 10:30.

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