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Surfing off of last year’s wave of success, the Partner Tech Talk series is back with multiple events hosted each month.

Tube 2016 France 100 Pics Solution India now a digital colony: Is Facebook the new East India Company? – With data being the new oil, this time it’s spectre of digital colonisation that stares India in the face. The last 5 years. If

The enterprise versions of Windows 10 1803, released in April 2018, have been given a few extra months of support, courtesy.

The Technical Support Team is tasked with supporting our customers in break/fix scenarios. Meaning if you receive an error message or get unexpected results that you feel are incorrect per your.

Malicious attachments are often used by cybercriminals as a means to gain access to an organization’s network which is why.

Microsoft today announced that the scheduled end of service date for the Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise editions.

Amidst all of the technical jargon, however, Microsoft also divulged some features that will be supported by partner products.

Will TikTok be a boost or a blunder for Microsoft? – Microsoft looks likely to acquire the social-media platform’s US business. But would a deal make sense? Matthew Partridge.

Microsoft Surface Duo for Business – The all new Surface Duo, for everything you want to do. Dual screens unlock your ability to focus, explore, and get anything.