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Joomla has a more complex user role, or, as it’s referred to, Access Control Level structure than that in WordPress. The very first thing necessary to clarify us that Joomla makes a distinction between Access Levels and Permissions. Basically, Access Levels define what users can see and Permissions – what they can do. Another peculiarity is that those can be controlled on different levels.

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Like WordPress, Joomla is written with PHP and also utilizes MySQL. It excels by working in congruence with Linux. Joomla administration functions can be tricky to use, but are very powerful, with many of the things you’d typically need a plugin for, built into the system. The security group settings are shakier compared to DNN or WordPress. However, there are some 3rd party modules that will.

21/12/2010  · Basicamente o WordPress é um CMS voltado a blogs enquanto o Joomla é mais voltados para sites em geral, isto não impede que se faça um site completo com o wordpress ou mesmo um blog com o Joomla, até porque os conceitos meio que se misturam. Se você precisa somente publicar alguns conteúdos regularmente, sem muito gerenciamento de usuários, ou de permissões complexas, ou.

WordPress ou Joomla – Lequel est le meilleur? Votre projet web a muri, vous vous êtes posé les bonnes questions, vous avez peut-être consulté notre guide pour bien démarrer votre projet de site internet ? Quelles sont les parts de marché de WordPress et joomla dans le monde ? Une infographie publié par le Journal du Net, nous explique qu’il y a à peut pres 1 an : WordPress détenait 24.